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The educational philosophy of The International Preparatory School is based on the beliefs that:IMG_3913

Learning is natural and enjoyable and is best achieved in a supportive, non-threatening atmosphere.

Although all children follow a similar pattern of development and cognitive growth, each child is unique and may vary in his or her rate of development from others of the same age.

Each child should be encouraged to work to the full extent of his or her ability and developmental readiness.

Social and emotional growth is integral to educational growth.
No child is a failure.

The cornerstone of our approach is learning to learn.
The International Preparatory School motivates children to explore, to discover, to ask questions and to become fully involved in the learning process. Each child is encouraged to work to the full extent of his or her potential and strive for self-improvement.

During its first years the International Preparatory School was very much the “Little Village School” located in small premises in the Providencia sector of Santiago. As the school evolved, it expanded and moved premises several times until, in 1992, it moved into its own campus in El Arrayan, a lovely area in the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

As an international school the school’s mission has not varied.  We aim to give our students the best education possible by providing an environment characterized by individual attention and care. We believe that with this support our students will mature into informed, productive and concerned world citizens ready to meet the challenges of the future.